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Nicaragua resources

Here are some websites I found useful. The main source of tourist information is They have an extensive Animal guide with sections on insects, reptiles and Birds of Nicaragua all with photos to help you… Continue reading

Babylon fell in Leon

Christmas eve in Leon, mostly around the cathedral square.  See also my blog on the Revolution museum which is on the square.

What’s beneath the skin

These crumbling adobe buildings show what’s under the surface. This one was on a corner of a back street and empty. This one is a larger building. I feel it’s worked hard during… Continue reading

Streets of Masaya

A few snaps from the streets of Masaya.

Nicaragua’s turning point

This museum in Leon, tells the story of the Sandinista revolution in 1979, which ended over 40 years of dictatorship by the Somoza family. My guide had been in the revolution starting at… Continue reading

Saddle up

It was well worth the trip to see San Ramon waterfall on Maderas volcano, and have a refreshing shower under the pure water. I could have trekked up the mountain in the heat… Continue reading

Cuddle a caiman

Getting up close with Nicaragua’s wildlife on this 1.5 hour night tour. Four of us shared the costs which ended up $10 each – no complaints from me. This was value for money… Continue reading

Rumble in the jungle

After scrambling around El Castillo to hire rain jackets and gumboots we boated down the river to the reserve, signed in (name, age, gender, passport number again) and tromped through mud. I swim… Continue reading

Nine hours on a bus

Scored the last seat on the bus from Rivas to Costa Rica $29. Nine hours non-stop except for immigration early on. Get off the bus to a group of taxi drivers vying for… Continue reading

At Hacienda Merida

Coconut ice cream in a spiced banana smoothie is one of the tasty menu options at Hacienda Merida on Ometepe. There’s more wildlife and serenity on this, the quieter side of Ometepe.