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Researching and planning my next trip – to Jamaica, for its music, lifestyle, stunning beaches, waterfalls, jungle and fascinating history. I intend to freewheel and take things as they come, booking my accommodation… Continue reading

Packing for carry-on only

The joys of carry-on luggage far outweigh any downside. It’s perfect if your trip is a two to four days in each place, then on local transport. It’s: satisfying being able to carry what you… Continue reading

Why this blog?

Why am I bothering to do a blog? Partly to share my trip with people back home. Partly to share some of what I do with fellow travellers, especially those who are planning a… Continue reading

Trip research – Central America

I love the internet. It feeds my compulsiveness. I used it extensively to research my Central America trip. Pinterest Helped bring the trip to life and great to have one place to gather info and ideas… Continue reading

Bali beckons

It’s time for more exploring – Bali is my next adventure. How did I choose Bali? My main criteria: not too far to fly from Aotearoa reasonably cheap new culture sea and beach.… Continue reading

Talk about minimalist

Kaye was perfectly qualified to help with this task, having just returned from two months cycling in Europe. And she couldn’t wait. We went through every item (and I do mean every single item)… Continue reading

Common comments

The most common comments I receive about this trip are: Central America so dangerous – referring to the Nicaragua Revolution and yes it wasn’t that long ago. Confusion between South America and Central America. I… Continue reading

Why this trip?

Today I was asked by a friend what I’m looking forward to on the trip. My initial response was my (by now) standard reply – biodiversity, totally different cultures, exploring and getting out… Continue reading

Preparing for the trip

Minimal luggage I’m determined to do this trip with carry on luggage only. That’s 7kgs. I’ll be moving around a fair bit and don’t want to be lugging heaps of stuff around and… Continue reading