A short taxi from Belmont Westmoreland to my night’s accommodation at Elaine’s Chateau, Culloden, high on the hill a short drive from Whitehouse. The day started with cerulean skies and clear views of the jet skis… Continue reading

Downtown Kingston

Some snaps from my tour Downtown with Matthias and Chris. Coronation Market As we drove past, I grabbed some shots. People selling everything from individual amounts of paint (so you don’t have to buy… Continue reading

Randy’s Records and Studio

In Kingston we visited Randy’s record shop, recording studio, and record label…well it’s none of these things now, and is storage for the records, studio gear and posters. Vincent “Randy” Chin established himself as… Continue reading

Fyah in the mountain

Fyah came down from the mountain to Zimbali and took  me up to his home and farm where we met some other tourists and Rastafarians. Going up the mountain At Fyah’s place we chilled… Continue reading

Life inna yard

Life Yard is an cool green oasis in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica. As a social enterprise and community-based organisation, they are creating change through art and agriculture. I visited as part of the tour I did… Continue reading

Fleet St positive vibes

I visited the murals on Fleet Street on my Kingston tour with Mathias Reulecke. These are done by Paint Jamaica‘s international artists. Their Facebook page says… “The social & art intervention set to transform… Continue reading

Blue Mountains

It’s true what they say about the roads in Blue Mountains. I thought it might be similar to some of the wop wop roads in New Zealand. I was wrong. These relatively busy… Continue reading

Black River crocodiles

The Black River Safari takes you up Black River (which only looks black because of the tannin in the silt on the bottom). The tannin comes from the red mangroves. It’s a unique… Continue reading

Jump into YS Falls

Very pleased I got to YS Falls today, as they’re closed for the next few days and I would’ve missed out. A 10 minute tractor-trailer ride brings you to a beautifully landscaped area… Continue reading

Belmont market

The Sorrel Market, a small xmas market, with organic local produce and products. Bluefields Bay Fish Sanctuary  Nature Roots cottage Bryan, Annie and Ludo their son run this accommodation with its hens, rabbits… Continue reading