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El Salvador resources

Rather than repeat what’s elsewhere on the internet, I’ll add links to sites I found useful or interesting. Wikitravel on El Salvador has potted facts and figures. El Salvador tourist site on Suchitoto I met… Continue reading

Ataco – streets, people, murals and markets

I caught the local bus from Juayua to Ataco (about 20 minutes) and spent several hours exploring this relaxed colourful town. From its market stalls to roving musicians and local characters and what… Continue reading

Centro Arte para la Paz, Suchitoto

In the Santa Imelda School and Convent, Suchitoto. Centro Arte para la Paz opened in 2005 as a place of alternative and creative education and building a culture of peace. It has a lovely café… Continue reading

Rolling the big ones

Enjoying my opportunity to visit the cigar business in Suchitoto. It comprised two woman in one their homes. Cigars are totally handmade from scratch.   Some interesting things in the casa.

San Salvador – city of contrasts

– Day one of my trip. I arrive at San Salvador airport which is actually some 30 minutes from the city. Spectacular views  of the city and surrounding mountains as the plane lands.… Continue reading

Romero is in the Catedral Metropolitana

A tour of San Salvador (El Salvador’s capital) took me to more religious places than I’ve visited in the past several decades. The Catedral Metropolitana is the last resting place of Archbishop Oscar… Continue reading

Dyeing for Suchitoto

Irma and her husband run Arte Añil in Suchitoto in El Savador. Doing every part of production themselves by hand from patternmaking and making the dye to dying fabrics and trialling new colours.… Continue reading

El Salvador to Nicaragua

An early start for the three hours shuttle to La Union to catch the boat to Nicaragua. The immigration guy entertained us with his observations of different nationalities. Seemed a little interested at… Continue reading

Monster fan

My room at El Tunco only had the essentials. This giant fan’s noise drowned out the morning roosters.

Capacity 71 – yeah right

Juayua to El Tunco was going to be two buses. I was about to leave and Cesar, Anahuac Hostel owner said he was going to Sonsonati and would I mind a lift with… Continue reading