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Costa Rica resources

Here’s some websites I found useful when planning my trip. Visit Costa Rica is the main tourism site. Your travel map route planner has travel distances and times. Your travel map tourist info… Continue reading

Sloth sanctuary

A highlight of my trip was my visit to the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica who care for and research these unusual and interesting creatures.

Jungle hike in the Gandoca wildlife refuge

A private wildlife refuge means you need a guide to walk the trails anywhere but by the coast. Florentino aka Tino is one of the best. Safety conscious (three reasons you don’t grab a… Continue reading

Some critters I saw

Doing this to amuse myself during a 6+ hour layover. I have borrowed these images from The Wildlife of Costa Rica, a field guide.  

Puerto Viejo

Red, gold, green and black

Nearly at Panama, Manzanillo village on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast has a Caribbean vibe. Not just the buildings, trees, clothing, and souvenirs in red,  gold, green and black, but the music you can hear… Continue reading

Leafcutter ants; the farmers

I find the leafcutter ants fascinating. Not only do they cut and transport large (comparatively) leaves down their superhighways, they have special cleaning ants on the leaves to stop bacteria getting in their… Continue reading

In the dance

In Manzanillo, at Maxi’s bar, Kawe came down from Cahuita and got us dancing to their rhythmic and sometimes raunchy calypso tunes. Here you don’t get a chance to dance on your own.… Continue reading

My Manzanillo base

At Cabinas Sumaqtikaq in Manzanillo Caribbean Coast, nearly at Panama.

What I did in Cahuita

Definitely feel I made the right choice coming to Caribbean coast in Costa Rica rather than Pacific . I’ve spent a lot of time in the Pacific anyway. Five hour bus trip from… Continue reading