Thanks Kwao for the comfortable lift to Porty. Grabbed a bus to lower Zion Hill and Simone met me and showed me Artists Place another Airbnb spot  i discovered. Grabbed some breakfast/lunch at… Continue reading

Rural Robins Bay

Based at Rasta Seaside Farm for three nights, i explored this rural area near Strawberry Fields in St Mary’s Parish. Eating and hanging at local bars. These pics are at Lydee’s Cookhouse. just… Continue reading


Researching and planning my next trip – to Jamaica, for its music, lifestyle, stunning beaches, waterfalls, jungle and fascinating history. I intend to freewheel and take things as they come, booking my accommodation… Continue reading

Nicaragua resources

Here are some websites I found useful. The main source of tourist information is vianica.com They have an extensive Animal guide with sections on insects, reptiles and Birds of Nicaragua all with photos to help you… Continue reading

El Salvador resources

Rather than repeat what’s elsewhere on the internet, I’ll add links to sites I found useful or interesting. Wikitravel on El Salvador has potted facts and figures. El Salvador tourist site on Suchitoto I met… Continue reading

Costa Rica resources

Here’s some websites I found useful when planning my trip. Visit Costa Rica is the main tourism site. Your travel map route planner has travel distances and times. Your travel map tourist info CostaRica.com… Continue reading

My CA trip summary

An overview of my route from Wellington to El Salvador, through Nicaragua, Caribbean Coast in Costa Rica and back home to Wellington New Zealand. December 2014 and January 2015. Wellington via Sydney to… Continue reading

Central America trip

Finally I’m off on my big adventure to El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. I have a rough plan but no dates locked in, so I can enjoy somewhere longer or move on.… Continue reading

Packing for carry-on only

The joys of carry-on luggage far outweigh any downside. It’s perfect if your trip is a two to four days in each place, then on local transport. It’s: satisfying being able to carry what you… Continue reading

Why this blog?

Why am I bothering to do a blog? Partly to share my trip with people back home. Partly to share some of what I do with fellow travellers, especially those who are planning a… Continue reading