Zimbali Retreat Westmoreland

Stay here if you possibly can. A seven-acre organic farm. Most of the food used at the retreat is grown here. The chef prepared us a five course meal while we ate, watched… Continue reading

Belmont Westmoreland

Belmont on Jamaica’s south coast. Walking to the grocery shop in Belmont Square -which isn’t  a square. Bluefields Beach is a few kilometres from Belmont Square. This is one of the main fishing areas.… Continue reading

Outta Mo Bay

I’m somewhere near Lethe in the hills behind Montego Bay. A great place with lovely hosts, to chillax and appreciate the little things. Views from the property  Loads of birds I’m enjoying watching… Continue reading

Falmouth Trelawny

A couple of nights in Falmouth at Dee’s in Retreat suburb, a very quiet suburb on a hill near Burwood Beach. The town was full on with the market, xmas coming and two… Continue reading

Cockpit Country

This stunning landscape is like an upside down egg carton, loads of hillocks with caves underneath where the water goes through natural aquifers. Most of Jamaica’s native birds can be found in its… Continue reading

Treasure Beach to Negril

Four route taxis got me to Negril. I was lucky to get them in quick succession, so it didn’t take too long. Quick stop at Black River. Xtabi Hotel has lots of cool… Continue reading

A likkle time in Negril

It had  to be done…a little bit of touristic in Negril in the island’s  west, land of stunning sunsets On a walk from West End to Downtown. Nutsy fixes bicycles. Another day, another… Continue reading

Alligator Pond St Bess

On the drive from Treasure Beach to Alligator Pond. Little Ochie fish restaurant. Alligator Pond, a healthy environment for birds, fish and more. We saw man-o-war birds checking the pond and coming quite… Continue reading

Treasure Beach time

It’s pretty easy to be part of the community here and meet the locals. Make your own entertainment or join the night fire at Irie Vibes, play dominoes with the locals, swim, eat,… Continue reading

On the beach

Chilling at Treasure Beach where the days take on a simple routine – eating, swiming, hanging, and taking photos. Fishing business Beach bars