Domestic violence

This stencil is on many casas in Suchitoto. I’m told domestic violence is a big problem in el salvador and especially in suchitoto. Advertisements

Five days in Suchitoto

Four hours Spanish with Wilian included a visit to the mercado, the maize mill and the cemetery. I’m sure the language will fall into place at some stage, but right now im more… Continue reading

Dallas to Suchitoto

Got the train from my hotel to DFW airport. Fortunately one guy put me right, after another had sent me the long way round. As it was, I had to get priority check in and… Continue reading

Everything’s bigger in Texas

After 15 hours on the plane my body took on the shape and size of the seat.  Was worried I might not be able to straighten out back to normal. Now at the Nylo… Continue reading

Wellington to San Salvador 11518 km direct

But really, it’s much more than that. Wellington to Sydney then to Dallas (overnight) then to San Salvador. Charge your tablets people, for the longest flight – Syd to Dallas Fort Worth 15 hours… Continue reading

Talk about minimalist

Kaye was perfectly qualified to help with this task, having just returned from two months cycling in Europe. And she couldn’t wait. We went through every item (and I do mean every single item)… Continue reading

Common comments

The most common comments I receive about this trip are: Central America so dangerous – referring to the Nicaragua Revolution and yes it wasn’t that long ago. Confusion between South America and Central America. I… Continue reading

Why this trip?

Today I was asked by a friend what I’m looking forward to on the trip. My initial response was my (by now) standard reply – biodiversity, totally different cultures, exploring and getting out… Continue reading

Preparing for the trip

Minimal luggage I’m determined to do this trip with carry on luggage only. That’s 7kgs. I’ll be moving around a fair bit and don’t want to be lugging heaps of stuff around and… Continue reading