Show a gal a good time

If you want to learn about El Salvador’s culture, ┬ádaily life and history plus see some highlights, then Edwin’s your man. Him and his Mum also run an Air bnb in San Salvador.… Continue reading

Indigo dyeing

Wilian took me to Arte Anil where I learnt the importance of indigo in El Salvador history. Using the jiquilite plant for various shades of blue and some green they make the clothing… Continue reading

The art of hanging out

Stopped at central square and maria came to investigate what I was getting out of my bag. We chatted a bit. I asked a young woman to take our photo, then she sat… Continue reading

Rolling cigars

This woman in her nineties can roll a fast cigar showing her fifty years experience. She uses locally grown tobacco and some from Guatemala and sells them locally. Ten cigars cost $1.50 or… Continue reading

Feliz navidad from Suchitoto

Circus comes to town

Chicken for lunch

Had chicken for lunch. Then went for a walk to the lake with Wilian and saw chooks everywhere, some geese, ducks and the odd pig. They were scratching for food and left to… Continue reading

Pajaro Flor Spanish School

The classroom is on a shaded patio, two small table/desks, whiteboard, view of the lake, squirrels and birds. I take a break in the hammock, take photos, play on internet. The school’s website… Continue reading

Bougainvillea at arts cafe

Stunning bougainvillea contrasts against blanco wall and bell tower. This church was abandoned when the war started and restored to a war museo and arts centre. Met the director Peggy a sister of… Continue reading

Three cheeses ravioli

more food for Kaye and Sarah. My lunch today at Arts Centro y Museo including fruit juice and bottle water $3.75.