A short taxi from Belmont Westmoreland to my night’s accommodation at Elaine’s Chateau, Culloden, high on the hill a short drive from Whitehouse. The day started with cerulean skies and clear views of the jet skis on the sea and across the bay to Sandals Resort.

View from Elaine's

Across the bay with the massive Sandals resort on the right

Then a rain storm suddenly came over. The huge rain drops made fascinating patterns in the pool water. The view disappeared.

Needing to get to an ATM, I walked down the hill and came across these topiaried bushes, led by big mama and a tidy row of littlies.

Hitched a taxi into busy Whitehouse arriving as the sun set. All the market stalls and most shops were open, doing a great trade it being near Christmas.

I even discovered some good old Kiwi dairy products in the supermarket – and that I’m not a fan of grapenut ice cream.

Traveller’s tips

Whitehouse town has several bars, eateries and supermarkets – including a decent sized one. Three ATMs but I could only use one with my card, at the gas station out of town.

Elaine’s Chateau is lovely, a bit tricky to get to being right up the hill, but well worth it for the friendly team, the view and rooms. You can order from the restaurant all through the day. The curried ackee pasta is a delight.