Life inna yard

Life Yard is an cool green oasis in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica. As a social enterprise and community-based organisation, they are creating change through art and agriculture.

I visited as part of the tour I did with Matthias Reulecke. The young people working there are enthusiastic, committed to learning and welcoming. There’s fruit and vegetables growing using permaculture methods, smoothies made from the garden produce and pallet furniture.

You’ll find the secret entrance.

The entrance - very unassuming

The hidden entrance.

A general view of the farm. You can see how being so green it’s a cool calm oasis in busy Downtown.

View of the yard

View of the yard

Some of the produce grown

Some of the staff

Other activities include art, furniture making and music.

Back out through the alley

Exit through a narrow alley

Exit through a narrow alley

Traveller’s tips

Life Yard’s Facebook page has contact details. They welcome visits and you can buy a smoothie, veges or fruit.

You can book a Kingston tour, which can include Life Yard, with Matthias Reulecke.