Jump into YS Falls

Very pleased I got to YS Falls today, as they’re closed for the next few days and I would’ve missed out.

A 10 minute tractor-trailer ride brings you to a beautifully landscaped area with pools, cafe, gift shop, changing rooms. The place is spotless. No rubbish at all. And they use paper bags and food containers…so refreshing.

There are tropical plants attracting hummingbirds and others.

The guides are at every swim spot making sure everyone is safe and guide you through one part, taking photos of you…if you wish, and I did wish because travelling solo, I don’t get many photos of me. It’s easy to forget what I look like.

Traveller’s tips

Visit YS Falls if at all possible. I went xmas eve and it wasn’t too crowded. Cost about 2000 Js.