Cockpit Country

This stunning landscape is like an upside down egg carton, loads of hillocks with caves underneath where the water goes through natural aquifers. Most of Jamaica’s native birds can be found in its unique environment.

I did a nature hike and caving trip with STEA’s knowledgeable guides. The road was built by slaves, no easy task in this terrain, and you can see where they drilled to insert dynamite in parts.

One theory why it’s called Cockpit Country is when the Spaniards were fighting, the general would sit at the top of a hillock giving orders to the lowly staff who were fighting bloody battles the the gullys. It reminded the Spaniards of their cock fighting pits.

My guides and some of the plants I learnt about.

We saw doctorbird, parakeets, toadys, flycatchers and many crows. One  of the crows was sunning its wings. Further down the track we came across about ten crows fighting over food down the cliffside.


A bit hard to see, this crow spreading its wings


Next up was the caving expedition. There aren’t many photos because i needed both hands, so couldn’t take my camera. Thanks to the guides I do have a couple.

This was a good workout. We sidled through skinny gaps, frog walked and crawled through muddy tunnels, waded in thigh deep water, exploring the rooms and formations, climbed a rope from the water, had a swim and a meditation. Loved this experience.

Back to the Bamboo Bar and cook house

Traveller’s tips

If you book with STEA they can arrange accommodation, home stay style at Us40.

You can get a route taxi there from Falmouth.