Moore Town and Nanny Falls

Half an hour route taxi from Port Antonio to Moore Town, an independent area inhabited by the Maroons.

Nanny is a national hero. She led to slaves to fight the British. She snuck, in the night to bathe in the falls.

We’ve had so much rain (Portland is known for its rain), the falls were in full flow. Rain, and very humid.

I swam in a calmer area of the pool. My guide, Gregory, carried my camera across the rocks and water so i could get some photos closer to the falls. will post those when download from camera.

He showed me Nanny’s grave, The Bump. Her story is on the plaque.

Then showed me where to get a taxi back to Porty, at a Rasta camp.

A cosy ride back with 11 people in a poorly maintained 5-seater station wagon. It’s all about the experiences…right?