Trip research – Central America

I love the internet. It feeds my compulsiveness. I used it extensively to research my Central America trip.

Helped bring the trip to life and great to have one place to gather info and ideas of things I might do.

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Trip Advisor
Useful to find out people’s opinions of accommodation, places. Take with a pinch of salt and use judgment.
Forums great to ask questions and find out from people who recently visited or live there – often expats.

Lonely Planet forums
The country forums are helpful and found some trip reports of people I related to. The LP information I didn’t find so useful.

Forums useful to ask questions of locals. Potential to meet locals as I travel.

Provided varying levels of information. Depended on type of traveller they are and how I relate.

I found information in unexpected places such as the Adventure Inn hotel in San Jose‘s blog where I discovered a different perspective on using the accommodation finders such as Expedia – Small Costa Rica hotels band together.

Using WordPress
Why don’t my pages look like those gorgeously shown in the theme? 🙂

Why don’t my published pages have the same colours as those I spent hours faffing with? Yes I did save them. But the published version shows totally different colours to those that show on my edit page.

Will this theme work well for photos? Hard to tell until I take and load some.

Acceptance. There will  be typos and crap layout in my blog and that’s ok.

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