Bali beckons

It’s time for more exploring – Bali is my next adventure.

How did I choose Bali? My main criteria:

  • not too far to fly from Aotearoa
  • reasonably cheap
  • new culture
  • sea and beach.
Map of Bali

Bali map

I’ve pretty much done all the short plane trips from New Zealand, having spent time in several Pacific countries (Tonga (twice), Niue, Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji (twice) and Vanuatu). Australia-wise, I’ve lived several years in NSW and Victoria and explored Tasmania pretty thoroughly and spent ten days in Byron Bay.

Nowhere was calling me. While Bali is about 11 hours away, before I started my research, I thought it only offered beaches full of high rise resorts with drunken debauchery or expensive yoga retreats. Once that may have appealed. Not so now, there’s so much more to an enriching life.

Once I got researching, I discovered Bali offers (presuming the web is telling the truth 🙂 amazing corals and marine life including mantarays and molamola, traditional mountainside villages, reasonably priced unique accommodation, yoga, cheap as massage, stunning food, gorgeous beaches and (appealingly) a rich vibrant spiritual culture.

That’s the flavour of this trip. Healthy healing, snorkelling, exploring, people, diversity. We’ll see what the universe decides I need.

A little Bit One O’clock, Living with a Balinese Family by William Ingram gave me a comprehensive insight to Bali life.

Here’s a  great resource Bali Soul Journals

Check out my Bali Pinterest collection where I’m collecting my ideas on things I might do on the trip.