Centro Arte para la Paz, Suchitoto

In the Santa Imelda School and Convent, Suchitoto. Centro Arte para la Paz opened in 2005 as a place of alternative and creative education and building a culture of peace. It has a lovely café with reasonably priced food and wifi, It’s open for breakfast and lunch. I me some remarkable people there. The Dominican Sisters of the Annunciation worked here from 1917 until 1980, when they were obliged to abandon the school because of  civil war violence.

I met Dan Jones at the café. He is living in El Salvador for one year as a recipient of a US Student Fulbright Research Grant. Follow his blog to learn more.


This display at the lake tells the story of the building


Display at the lake

They aim to raise money to restore the chapel. aP1190526 aP1190534 aP1190535


you can see some of the original timber in the ceiling beams – the ones that look like branches.


In a land of earthquakes the new structure needs to be ultra strong.

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Each ball represents a village in the Suchitoto area


Part of a large image that shows all the villages. These graphics depict daily life

aP1190739 aP1190737


Some of the beautiful art created at the centre


Colourful handmade serviette holder in the cafe