San Salvador – city of contrasts

– Day one of my trip. I arrive at San Salvador airport which is actually some 30 minutes from the city. Spectacular views  of the city and surrounding mountains as the plane lands.


Arriving at San Salvador airport from Dallas. One of El Salvador’s 26 volcanos

I learnt loads about everyday life and El Salvador’s history on a day trip with EC Tours, after five days in Suchitoto.


How can they work on the house with all the builder’s mix in the front. Much of the work is done manually


It’s likely that this car has been bought from USA as a write off (say $1500) and will be restored and sold in El Salvador for perhaps $3000 profit).


Traffic in San Salvador. Typically people are transported on the back of utes


Photo in the National Palace of a man creating building decorations


everywhere I went in Central America trees were topiared

Part of the comprehensive musical instrument collection at National Palace

Part of the comprehensive musical instrument collection at National Palace


San Salvador market spreads down lanes and on the road. Most of them selling clothes made in China.


View from Iglesia el Rosario gates across the plaza


Iglesia El Rosario

One of the most stunning buildings I’ve seen – anywhere. Outside it’s a domed shape in plain concrete. Inside it’s a true haven and full of fantastic art. Depending on the time of the year you visit, the sun makes its way across the arch spilling colours inside from the glass. There’s no glass at the top to keep it shaded in the heat of the day. Designed by Ruben Martinez and finished in 1971. Inside are 12 stations of the cross sculptures in Martinez’s unique style using rock and metal – very modern. So beautiful and peaceful inside.

Tours in El Salvador has photos and a video.

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