Romero is in the Catedral Metropolitana

A tour of San Salvador (El Salvador’s capital) took me to more religious places than I’ve visited in the past several decades. The Catedral Metropolitana is the last resting place of Archbishop Oscar Romero who was killed by El Salvadorean government death squads in 1980 while holding mass. He spoke out, for the people, against state-sanctioned terrorism. He is tucked away in the basement under a huge brass sculpture of him where he looks at peace. Several people were paying pilgrimage to him while I was there.

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Cathedral porn
The previous cathedral was severely damaged in 1979 earthquake. This one was finished in 1999 and it has to be the most decorative place of worship I’ve seen. With enormous stained glass windows, Jesus sculptures with sunrays bursting forth, art in every corner and every sconce and column with whirls and twirls.

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One of several mosaics – this one is Romero


An attendant as part of Romero’s tomb

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