After the sunshine

Now that I’m back in my homeland Aotearoa New Zealand, I am humbled to hear from so many people that you have been following my blog. It’s a strong motivator to continue sharing these stories and photos.

I know it’s not the sexiest layout or formatting and the photos are snaps rather than works of art but that’s the compromise I choose to make. Spending time learning the WordPress software and getting the perfect photos versus making it happen. Making it happen won. I’m delighted (and somewhat flattered) to know so many of you are reading the blog and sharing my trip with me -­ and that you don’t really care if the photos have been resized so they aren’t as sharp as they could be or my writing is quick and dirty rather than crafted.

I will be adding photos to these posts and adding new posts over time – well until I get fed up with it.

Stay in touch.

One love


me at newtown festie crop