Money worries

A string of problems meant I had no cash for three days and most transactions are cash. In masaya the Atms had run out for new years but it also seemed my pin was locked which I didn’t know until days later. I tried all combinations us and cordoba. I had enough cash to get the bus to Granada – a few cents and could use my Cash Passport card for some accomodation and food. My pin was locked and I had to make an international phone call to cash passport to get unlocked. Found a cybercafe and used my last cordobas for that.

The cash out limit is US$400 over 24 hours which isn’t much if you’re going off the gringo trail for a while.
Using credit card/cash passport adds another 5 to 6 percent, only charged in cordobas and at a poor rate so another forex transaction.
ATMs are not replenished during weekends or holidays and run out quickly.
A wallet stuffed with cordobas isnt much money.
The ATM message when it doesn’t give you your money doesn’t explain the problem, “Transaction is not available

5 hundy cordobas

5 hundy cordobas