Mangroves, herons, turtles and iguanas

Mangrove tentacles reach for the mud, massive spider webs and an abundance of birds. Up at 6am before the heat of then day, Two of us hired a guide for the wildlife boat tour of Isla Juan Venado up the river past the mangrove (three types) forests. Our guide had his two young sons with him – apprentices – the older one steering the boat,  the younger one (about 8) spotting birds, iguanas, and other creatures then pointing them out on the bird guide for us. $55 for a boat of up to four.

Many birds similar to New Zealand: kingfishers, terns, white and blue herons, swallows, even sparrows. But many more types, including a green heron, Nica’s national bird the mot mot, turkey vultures, frigate birds, gangs of brown pelicans hunting above the waves.

We stopped at a turtle sanctuary where locals work 24 hour shifts keeping an eye on the sacks of sand which have between 30 and 110 turtle eggs in each. We were shown some babies hatching out of their shells. The workers release them at night so they have a better chance against predators such as the pelicans.

I gave the young boy some stickers I bought in Nz with our native birds on and words in Maori and English. Ive been giving them to kids I interact with  and they love them, examining them closely.

NZ native bird stickers go down a treat with the kids

NZ native bird stickers go down a treat with the kids