Capacity 71 – yeah right

Juayua to El Tunco was going to be two buses. I was about to leave and Cesar, Anahuac Hostel owner said he was going to Sonsonati and would I mind a lift with him. Hell yes please -it’s faster, more comfy and Cesar is helpful guy pointing out interesting things on the way.

As we were in his Landcruiser ute (it’s been in his family since new in 1968), we stopped to pick up some road workers on the way. They just hop on the back with no discussion and bang the roof when they want to get off. I love this sharing ethos here. You want a lift and anyone in a ute picks you up.


The bus terminal at Sonsonati is huge. This is about ten percent of the buses there.

Pre-armed with the route number and time, I waited by the bay. The bus came in and those ultra polite Salvadoreans disappeared as twice as many of us – plus all sorts of luggage – pushed to get on. One woman was gestured to me to push in more aggressively. I’m pleased I did or I would have missed the only bus. Also pleased that I’m travelling light or I doubt I could have done this.

Anyway I just squeezed in, not even space to stand on both feet, trying not to trample the young girl sitting on the floor by the driver, and one woman pushed right behind me so I was on an angle. One guy took my bag for me so we could squeeze another ten people on. A few hanging out the door and we were off. It wasn’t easy. I was thinking of the oldies and kids but they just deal with it. I’ve been in more comfortable mosh pits.

Bus passenger capacity is 71 people – yeah right. I don’t think this photo shows the squeezyness of the trip. I was trying to take the photo and hold on as we bounced around,  someone pressed the camera button for me.