Show a gal a good time

If you want to learn about El Salvador’s culture,  daily life and history plus see some highlights, then Edwin’s your man. Him and his Mum also run an Air bnb in San Salvador.

I stayed there last night, had the yummy tipico breakfast

 then we set off for downtown San Salvador. Three very different churches, my favourite being the ultra-unique Iglesia el rosario . Also The National Palace, the huge markets selling cheap cheap clothes,  then to one of the 26 volcanoes, lunch,  coffee with a view of San Salvador, lava flow,  Nahuizalco and finally dropped me off in Juayua where I’ll explore the area for a few days. Thank you

EC Tours around $US80 a day – design your own.

Final stop, Juayua.

Final stop, Juayua.