On the buses

How many people can you get on a bus? Think again…At least another ten, then half a dozen hanging from the door.

The El Salvador chicken bus is aptly named (think battery chickens) with at least one person holding a live chicken upside down.

The buses were originally USA 1960s school buses therefore designed for 1960s- sized kids. In El Salvador the people like to please, not turn you away, so in some buses the seats have been moved closer together leaving just enough space for the average person to squeeze in. After an hour on the bus you suffer from numb bum, so don’t feel the seat bars through the worn out padding. I did wonder if the man next to me whad no choice but to go thigh to thigh or if he had other intentions. Knowing a little about El Salvadoreans, the former is more likely.

When people want to get off, they whistle. The driver wouldn’t hear any other noise over the loud ancient diesel motor going at full revs.  Did I mention you can often see the road through the floor?

Suchitoto bus stop

Suchitoto bus stop