Five days in Suchitoto

Four hours Spanish with Wilian included a visit to the mercado, the maize mill and the cemetery. I’m sure the language will fall into place at some stage, but right now im more confused – mi cerebro confundido. Words and pronunciation are so different to my lessons in Nz.

I can find out things if the other person has a little English. However most people only speak Spanish here.
I must admit it’s a joy to converse in English and when I meet someone I bombard them with my questions.

The town square is busy with people selling all sorts of tacky nik nacks and food including the El Salvadorean specialty pupusas. A maize or rice flour base stuffed with cheese or beans and fried. Served with pickled cabbage from huge jars. At fifty cents, you could eat cheaply if not worried about your heart and waistline.

I met farmers with battered cowboy hats and huge machetes in gorgeous tooled leather covers, on horses in town to pick up basic provisions.


earthquake prone


Town Square is where to hang out with the church as a lovely backdrop. Loads of bats come out at dusk


Everywhere cobbled streets – and the odd spotted pig.


Getting rural on the outskirts. Pigs, chickens, geese, dogs and cats

Lago Suchitoto

Suchitoto Lago view from balcony at my accom

Los Tercios Waterfall

A walk to the cascades which weren’t very cascady as there had been little rain. But the rock formations are pretty stunning anyway.


All the rocks in the area are similar size and shape


Orderly large hexagonal rock columns – a very rare rock formation from nearby volcanic activity.



It was so hot and no shade so we got a tuk tuk


Tuk tuk stopped for petrol so I snuck a photo of driver’s seat