Why this trip?

Today I was asked by a friend what I’m looking forward to on the trip.

My initial response was my (by now) standard reply – biodiversity, totally different cultures, exploring and getting out of my comfort zone, speaking Spanish.

Then something else came out of my mouth that I hadn’t thought about until then. It was that one challenge would be to spend that much time on my own without my usual whanau and friends. I have several groups of close friends that I do different things with, such as my music homies, my family and fellowship people. I will be five weeks away without hanging with them, supporting each other, sharing music, food, jokes and stories. That easy companionship with people you know well. Yes – that I will miss greatly.

And being in the minority; the only English speaker in some places, the only kiwi.

central america map 200

El Salvador to Nicaragua to Costa Rica